From Pretend Play to Professional Passion - My Journey as a Teacher

Jan 16, 2024

Growing up, Nakambale taught flowers and stones, arranging her mother’s flower pots and rocks like students, and pointing to an imaginary chalkboard. This childhood passion eventually led her to a teaching career that she deeply loves.

"Despite coming from a family of health professionals, with my nurse mother encouraging me to pursue nursing, I was drawn to teaching. My aunt, a dedicated nun and teacher, was my inspiration. Her stories of her students’ achievements and her efforts to secure education for orphans inspired me to follow her path and make a positive impact on students' lives" she says.

"After high school, I earned a bachelor's degree in education from Kwame Nkrumah University in Zambia's Central Province. Returning as a teacher to my alma mater, Lwitikila Girls Secondary School, was an amazing experience. For five years, I learned from my former teachers, who became my mentors and role models," says Nakambale.

Seeking new challenges, Nakambale moved to Konkola Copper Mines Trust School, where she discovered the transformative 1 Million Teachers Black Belt program. A professional development Online course provided by a not for profit called 1 Million Teachers.

Ongoing Learning

"The 1 Million Teachers Black Belt program has reshaped my teaching methods, emphasizing sustainability, gender equality, poverty, and reflective thinking. I strive to utilize every component I have learned to maximize my students' performance and enhance their behavior. Collaborating with student teachers at Queen's University and exchanging teaching experiences has been another exciting highlight of my journey as a teacher, further enriching my professional growth" says Nakambale.

"I love being a teacher and helping my students achieve their dreams. That’s my greatest aspiration."

Chileshe Nakambale is a grade 4 teacher at Konkola Copper Mines Trust School and a proud 1MT BlackBelt.